North Oaks Baptist Church
Tuesday, February 20, 2018
We Preach from the Bible and Sing from the Hymnal

Bible Drill & Speaker's Tournament

Every church should consider a Children's and Youth Bible Drill and Youth Speaker's Tournament because . . . 

Holy Scripture admonishes us to teach and train our children in the Word. (Deuteronomy 6:7)
Children and youth today, as never before, need the "sword" to combat temptation and give guidance in life (Psalm 119:9, 11).   
Children and youth want and need a challenge.
The Church will grow stronger now and in the future.  

What is Bible Drill?
Bible Drill is a Southern Baptist Convention program involving older children and younger youth in a systematic memorization and location of certain Scriptures.

What is Youth Speakers' Tournament?  Youth Speakers Tournament is a Southern Baptist Convention program involving older youth in the writing and presentation of a 4-6 minute speech that expresses his/her Biblical convictions in relation to certain provided topics.     

What are the levels of involvement?  Children's Bible Drill for grades 4-6.  Youth Bible Drill for grades 7-9. High School Bible Drill for grades 10-12. Youth Speakers' Tournament for grades 10-12.   

How will Bible Drill benefit our children? It will help them... 
Find any book in the Bible.
Memorize many verses of Scripture.
Locate numerous key passages that will be used for a lifetime.
Be better equipped for life. 
Whether in Bible Drill or Speaker's Tournament God will bless the training applied and the skills learned for the memorization and application of His Word in your student's life plus it will carry over in his or her other studies. Please prayerfully consider this amazing opportunity for your students.  Questions-please contact or 713-515-2334.